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Stacey Donovan, writer and editor

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2015 was such a bookishly busy year that I did not find time to update the site (except for the great news that my first novel, Dive, was published again 20 years later by Open Road Media in 2015 – see “Donovan’s Books” for more)

More Stacey Donovan publications:

Write the World: Young Voices Across the Globe
Personal Narrative Guest Judge 2015
Publisher: Harvard Graduate School of Education

On Montauk: A Literary Celebration, (Anthology), 2016
Harbor Electronic Publishing



More Client publications:

--Conrad Brown, Sophisticated Swingers (4-book series), (Erotica), Shipyard Press, 2015

--Jane Goldberg, My Mother, My Daughter, My Self, (Psychology Non-Fiction), Free Association Books, 2016

--Riva Levinson, Choosing the Hero: My Improbable Journey and the Rise of Africa's
First Woman President, (Political Non-Fiction), Kiwai Media, 2016 (+ film option)

--Billy Baldwin, The Last Leaf, (Picture Book), Decozen Books, 2016

--Billy Baldwin, The Cookie that Saved Christmas, (Picture Book), Decozen Books, 2016

--Paula Quinene, Conquered, (Historical Romance), Infinity Publishing, 2016

--Bob Schwarz, How Did That Old Fart Get into My Mirror? (Memoir), CreateSpace, 2016

--Marilyn Wouters, Picking Up the Pieces, (Memoir), CreateSpace, 2016

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