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Dive, by Stacey Donovan“Stacey Donovan really gets inside the mind of her young heroine in this superbly crafted coming of age novel that turns the pains of growing up into revelatory experiences.

“This writer has the guts and the supreme command of the English language required to make this a real work of art.

“Hers is a unique voice not afraid to shy away from the complexities of life.

I recommend highly!”

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Red Shoe Diaries: The Complete Set Books 1-4

“Lusty, literary, and sexually empowering for BOTH women and men.

“The ‘cherry on the sundae’ (so to speak), is the bonus story at the end of the book: Sex in the Hamptons: The Writers’ Confessions. Here the authors reveal their most intimate experiences with men and women.

“Funny, touching, and wild, I really felt as if I was getting to know these two women up close and personal.”

Strip Poker 

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The Art of Loneliness

The Art of Loneliness“If Joan Didion wrote erotica, this is what it would sound like. Stacey Donovan is a powerful voice in erotica, one who pushes the limits of the genre and redefines it.”

Montauk: A Literary Celebration (anthology)

A Cup of Comfort for Writers (anthology)

Your Fate Is in Your Hands (co-author)

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